Business Development for Small Businesses

We help small local businesses to improve their online visibility. We are not only expert in digital marketing area, but also we have a team of experts in tradiotional marketing.

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We are based in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Since 2013, We help small local businesses to establish an actionable roadmap to meet their business objectives.

We provide top-quality brand development services at an affordable cost. PuzzleB provides advisory and consulting services, from a real-world perspective, to help you develop the best solution for a service or application. From the beginning of your concept, we will help you to investigate the potentials by evaluating market size and value based on your ideas from a real-world customer perspective. Our speciality is helping you in the planning phase to create engaging solutions for your customers.

Our Creative Services

Web Design

More than 20 years experience in web design

Web Development

Strong team of highly skilled software developers

Digital Marketing

8 years of digital marketing experience and lots of success

Content Writing

Experienced bi-lingual journalists helping us in many subjects


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